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    Anonimity Problem (HWID Spoofer, Mac Address Changer etc...)

    My problem is as following.
    There's this game I play, where on registration, you get some free stuff. Which can be transferred between accounts. Although you can make multiple accounts, they wouldn't credit my additional accounts with the stuff. The problem however is that I've used a paid VPN and used a Mac address changer on a freshly installed virtualbox.

    Registration consists of launching the game, and then doing an in-game registration, where you hand out a home address, postal code , phone number, name etc ... (ofc I used different cities)

    So I've contacted their live chat, and after a short investigation of my account they've bluntly told me they couldn't give me anything because of existing accounts on the same Ip-address/physical address.

    How was I tracked?!

    If anybody has any clues, please help :/
    (Or if you've got an idea for doing it anonymously, please help :P)

    Thanks in advance!
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