If you've ever played a free to play MMO that you've enjoyed you've probably wanted to get your hands on some of the in-game currency, but alas, it's just so dang expensive and you don't have the money for it. But what's this? A button that says "Get Free <In Game Currency"!? Yes, it is not too good to be true, for many games there exists things known as "offer walls" that exchange your labor, the sanctity of your privacy, among other things for "free" in game currency.

While this is great, it's also dangerous. Downloads from them are riddled with adware, some offers require credit cards and will charge them without even paying out, and some will rob you of hours of your time without any compensation. So, I propose we band together. We can create a section for sharing information about the offer walls. Tutorials on how to do current offers, tips on which ones pay out and which ones don't, detailed tutorials of how to set up a virtual machine to do your download offers for you (and how to create linked clones so not even your virtual machines are in danger). There are even some offers that are just completely exploitable, which we could share details about.

I propose it be made a section in Other Game Hacking, titled something like GPT Offer Wall Tutorials, Tips, & Exploits.