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    Question TeamSpeak Addon/hack ?

    Hello everyone.

    First I want to say is; "Thx for reading this". The second is that me English is not my native language and I do not know if my question belongs on this forum. I hope an admin will change it if needed? (Thanks for the effort.)

    My question is: Is it possible to make an addon in TeamSpeak that can show an (transparent) overlay-picture on (full-)screen ? It would be nice if anyone could make that happen.
    And maybe (i'm no programmer) you could use TeamSpeak to hide other hacks or cheats. I came to that thought because those things needed to stay hidden. Is it not possible to use a commonly used engine, to hide some nasty things ? (Just me 2 working brain cells)

    If somebody have three weeks off and wants to explain why things doesn't go the way i thought it could go, i'm a patient studious reader.

    And before you all asking me why i'm not willing to learn all those things, i can only say that i'm born a 100 years too early. I think there not many members on this forum who has my age. And no, i've no dementia (yet). And yes, i like gaming with friends.

    Thx 4 reading and HF.

    PS: There is one thing i want to say to all kids who are cheating for the first time; "If you're cheating, try it to hide that more than the desire to win. By training you develop your skills."

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    If I understand this correctly you are searching for something like overworlf? That runs the ts client as an overlay and gives you the option to change the opacity of that window. If this is what you are searching for, go try Overwolf
    Good day!

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