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    Unhappy Moved house, issues with the internet.

    I moved house. Ping got high. Jitter started to exist. Packet loss became present.

    TheLieIsACake! said this on another forum:

    "What you basically have at the moment is a road. Each person on the internet is sending and receiving information on that road which is filling it up. When it fills up the information being transmitted is slowed down due to traffic hence high ping. Prioritising your PC wont help. What will help is if you made a very large lane for yourself (giving yourself 50% of the bandwidth available) and letting them share the rest. This would not affect them as they are not on ping intensive applications where you are."

    I need to know how to make my 'lane' large.

    Extra info:
    • Current router: Telstra TG797n v3, otherwise known as a Telstra T-Gateway.
    • We're using the same router as we did at the previous house

    Thanks for your help!

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    What he is talking about is, what would be the solution if other people who use the same connection are the problem. Do you think this is the problem?

    If you moved to another house, there is a high chance there is something wrong with the wiring, either in your house or the cables from your house might be bad.

    Do you have cable or xDSL?

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