Alrighty check it i think its a viruse i have or maybe a viruse i had and fkd up a setting need help no one knows how 2 help me that iv askd

No program of mine can conenct 2 the internet it sais sumin like acces denied error code blah blah the internet explorer isent working i can dl stuff but cant upload my firefox workss but not internet explorer any program that trys to connect wether it be ares limewire a download like an installer aim windows live it dosent connect sais i have a firewall setting up but i dont i ahve no firewall up iv chekc 500 times i have no anti viruse the internet options is allow all combat arms runs because it connects 2 a server but the pic dosent in the game start thing or the clan thing it shows me the error basicly any program that i open up that trys to connect dosent connect only firfox and programs that connect using servers not inernet explorer i will be happy to allow some one to tv me and see whats wrong please posts what you think may be the problem or if your offering to help ty for your time