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    d3dx9.lib errors

    Okay guys so recently I got inspired to make my own D3D chams and I'm pretty new to C++ and all that so I was wondering if you guys could help with a little problem I was having.

    These are the only errors I can't seem to solve and I have tried every method and added a bunch of #include

    If anybody knows why I keep getting these errors please help and please don't be a jerk and just bear with me

    And yes I have added SDKs and located the program to their location but it still doesn't change anything no matter what I use and if I change it to like for example \Libs\x86\d3dx9.lib or something like that I get over 50+ errors, now if I use \Libs\x64\d3dx9.lib then I only get 6 errors (as shown in picture)
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