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    Arma 3 Section Adjustment

    I cant tag this as a Suggestion so I have tagged it as a Help Request instead, but really I don't need any help.

    I am seeking feedback on this suggestion rather than this being a direct request!

    @NormenJaydenFBI does a wonderful job in the Arma 3 section so I hope he might agree with me, but I understand if not. I also know @Liz had a part to play in the recent restructure of that section so I have mentioned you both.

    So our main board in Arma 3 section is for Releases only now, which is great, because before it was flooded with WTB/WTS and Help Requests.

    So the positives now is that the main board is clean, the Help Requests have their own section and so does the Marketplace. Awesome!

    My only feedback is that discussions (everyone loves a discussion) have been moved into the Sales section and now dont really happen.

    Would it be possible (if everyone agrees) to move the Discussions back to the main board, after all, its still a relatively small section and I think with Normen's moderation, it would work well.

    Let me know, I feel it would make the section more interesting and easy to navigate overall.

    Thanks for reading!

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    "Discussions & Sales" renamed to marketplace. Discussions subsection added. Takes a while for cache to catch up, but after that @NormenJaydenFBI can begin moving threads into it.

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    Nice suggestion, thank you both Liz & Jme.

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