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    I would like to propose a business deal...

    I need assistance from a few (VERY) talented cheat-engine/flash game hackers...
    Here is what I need...
    You remember that game stacker?! Well...there is a game that is slightly more forgiving, and actually pays you back (depending on how well you've done)
    I am ready to spend money on the site, but there is one problem:
    I want to take risk out of the equation (if you know what I mean...)...
    I've heard stories of people getting caught and funds lost, etc...which is why I need an undetectable tool to put the odds in my favor...

    I know you're wondering: What are you willing to pay?

    Ill tell you what...If you are able to contact me, and give me a successful ce, I will give you half of everything I earn...I know it sounds too good to be true, but if you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to contact me
    And remember...This is simply a request...

    (you need a paypal for the transferring of funds...)
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