Deskscapes 8 free trail reset
Hello community, I found somethink awesome!
Anyone know Deskscape 8? A Desktop customize Programm, to get live Wallpapers and more!
You can Download it for free and then enter a 30 Day Product Trail... But then you have to buy it for 9.99$. It isn't mutch money, but I don't wanna pay it! Now I've solved the Problem and the Answer to get a 30 Day Produktrail for ever and free WITHOUT download Viruses or other thinks!

STEP 1: Your Product trail is over? NO PROBLEM!!! Just Press WINDOWSKEY + R and type in: %programdata%
STEP 2: Got to the "Stardock" folder
STEP 3: GO to the "DeskScapes" folder
STEP 4: Remove the Cache .dat and the License.sig
STEP 5: Open Deskscapes 8
Now it will show (enter 30 Day Product Trail) but now there is one problem... You have to put in there a new E Mail Adress.
I use BYOM .de Trashmails. You can use it too! Just go to byom .de and now you have there on the right a small Window. In it stays "Deine
Adresse / ID" (sorry but it is in German ) there you can now type any Shit like: "blabla" now you are in the "blabla at byom. de Inbox. Now
paste this E-Mail in your Deskscapes 8 E mail slot. Now you'll recieve a new E-Mail and just click on the "Enter 30 Day Trail" Button and there you have it!
Easy and smart )

Screenshorts (Step by Step) will I add tomorrow!

I hope I can help you!
Cheers, Noah