i need a last request script for counter strike source with

* Last Request -[list][*]Chicken Fight - Player must jump on other players head
* Knife fight - we all know what it is
* Deagle Toss - player has to try to toss a deagle farther than the other player
* Shot For Shot - Self Explanatory
* Race - Self Explanatory
* Western Shootout - Players take 10 paces and shoot
* Option to disable any Last Request
* Variable to specify how little T's there must be for last request

# Announce when a rebel is killed
# Announce when a player becomes a rebel
# Restrict weapons
# Stop cts from lining up T's and killing them
# Maximum amount of non rebel kills per round (for CTs)
# T starting weapons: Knife
# CT starting weapons: M4a1, no knife, desert eagle
# Punishments for too many non rebel kills are

*[*]Take hpKick
* Slay
* Strip Weapons

# Option to allow a T to kill a CT if he/she jumps on the T's head

Than you if you can make me one