So im trying to make a mike myers mod
1 player goes to the top team, That's the person who is going to be it. The rest of the players go to the bottom team.
“Michael” chases everyone around the map with his knife. Thats the only weapon allowed. No one can kill “Michael”, you just have to run. You and your teammates are free to stun and flash him.
Once he kills all but one person, then the remaining player and “Michael” can both kill each other with the knife. Whoever kills each other wins. To start the next game, whoever died by “Michael” first the game before, they are it the next game.
So the problem im having is getting the last dude to get a ballistic knife after hes teammates have died (and hes last alive on his team), but i cant figure out how to make it.
Im really new to modding and made my first mod on Saturday last week, so help would be greatly appreciated.