Hello ! I recently got bored of Black Ops and thought that meaby some nice looking camos whould make the game more fun, so I found this site
I downloaded some custom-made Tiger camos (https://www.mpgh.net/forum/368-call-d...iety-pack.html).

I put the file with the wanted camo to main/iw_01. When I'm at the "create class" tab ingame I see the mod working (insted of orange i got green tiger camo) but when ever i join a server I get a error. Some guy posted how to solve that error:

"guys when an any update come's up you just have to delete all the modified files and re download the .iwd files with steam then rename it again to localized_English_bajs_iw_ and reinstalled again the custom textures.
that all way's work for me."

But I dont understand this completly. So I deleted the iw_01 where i dragged the modded file. I "repaired" it though Steam. Now I got again clean BO. What do I have to do next? What should i rename as the quote above says? (NOTE: I got "localized_Polish_iwXX", not English).

For any help, big thanks!