Heelo guys ! i`m here to request you a signature for me. I know it`s not fairplay but anybody who can help me with a little signature i wil thank you a lot.

The signature i want it`s with the name DaniSupe League of legends(without -r) or maybe qHellRising league of legends.

the photos are here : h t t p : / /i.imgur.c om/OYLcXSB.jpg?1
h t t p :/ /i.imgur.c om/gbnuhbS.jpg?1

h t t p : / /i.imgur.co m/2pLNO3t.jpg?1

h t t p : / /i.imgur.c om/3QDEDXT.jpg?1

h t t p: / /i.imgur.c om/5yHYXie.jpg?1

h t t p :/ /i.imgur.c om/upPdNIw.jpg?1

i will apreciate a lot who can make me a signature! thank you .