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    Exclamation [Request] Crystal Saga

    I saw someone making a request on this section, so I thought I might've been allowed (Don't know where else to put it)

    Anways, first post here, nice to meet you guys, and yes I do have a request.

    There is a MMORPG (well used to be a massive multiplayer game, but it's half dead now) called Crystal Saga that requires a lot of luck and is mostly Pay2Win. The only way I can make it to the top players is if I spend 24 hours per day on it.

    So I'm requesting a hack that can give me free money and/or crystals. And yes, I do know it is possible because there are some people in game who use third party applications to get free money/crystals. I have tried to use google, but all of the hacks I have seen are either fishy or require a never ending ******.

    Thanks a ton!

    EDIT: I was going around the web and I head there are these things called "trainers" for server sided games. Don't know what a trainer is but anything to help me get free crystals and/or money will be fine.
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