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    Could anyone give me advice / suggestions, please?

    Hi guys. I had been doing GFX for about one year, however there was about a 6 months break. I am not a professional nor skilled in any way, but I am really interested in creating logos, banners and etc... I have no idea why I am posting this on this forums hahaha... I guess maybe it was because while browsing around here, the Art & Graphic Design section caught my eye and rejuvenated my past memory.

    I am currently facing an odd issue I guess you could call it, but let me tell you guys the story first. If you are not interested, feel free to either leave or skip this portion of the thread.

    [Story start:

    About 2 months ago was when I came back from my 6 months break of GFX designing. I was in school at the time too, but for some reason I had the sudden urge to create GFX again. Thus, I downloaded Photoshop and started imagining what I was going to make. At first, I was thinking of signatures as that was mainly what I did before the break.

    My first ever GFX design:

    When I started designing GFX, I had received a large amount of help from Seyeko! I know he is in this forum too, but he is probably not active anymore. After much trial & error, reading and watching tutorials. I finally managed to make this design that I was, for the first time ever, genuinely pleased and proud of.

    The first design that I love:

    I know that it may not look amazing now, but at that time I did not think that I could had ever created something like this. This really gave me a confidence boost! Thus, I kept pushing to get better, reading more guides, watching more tutorials and posting more designs to get CnC to reflect on. In fact, I even applied to be a GFX editor on the forum. That was the forum that started everything too. That was where I had met Seyeko and where my interest for GFX began to grow.

    After refining my craft and displaying my dedication of designing to the forum. I was accepted... And holy ****!? How did that even happened? That was insane to me as I had waited for about one month, expecting to be turned down. Note that the GFX editor team leader was Seyeko and the team was filled with people of much talent in the Graphics design aspect, similar to Seyeko. AND I MADE IT INTO THAT TEAM. Damn was I excited, heck that was an understatement! To know that people recognized the effort and time that I had put into learning Graphics Design was yet another huge morale booster for me. This in turns made my love for designing grow stronger, at one point I was even posting 5 designs a day to the forum! However...

    Around two months later, school started and I had less time to work on GFX. Every single passing day was gradually draining away my love for designing. Overtaken by studies, work and examinations. There was simply no time for me to design anything. It was either make a GFX or have a fulfilling night of sleep. Knowing that this year's examination would play a huge part in my life, I chose the later.

    Time past and Graphics Designing was just a happy forgotten memory at that point.

    Now that school is over and time is all my have, I decided to try and recover that love and passion that I once had with Graphics Designing. However, I ran into this problem.(Problem is explained below)

    :Story ends]

    The problem: I am not getting any motivations from anything and I cannot think of ideas!! When I try to design a banner or logo, no idea comes to my mind. Then I give up and do other stuff... I really want to feel motivated and the love that I once had for Graphics Designing again, please advice me on what I could do to achieve this.

    Also, I tried I really did. I tried doing Graphics Designing for money, it helped a bit. However, the motivation is lost quickly. I also tried doing Graphic Design for free for other people. Not working either... Do you guys think what I need is a goal? If so what do you think I should aim for?

    Or do you guys think I should just give up on Graphics Designing?
    GFX that I made for money

    GFX I made for other people

    GFX I made for myself:

    My portfolio(not all of course, just some that I like personally):

    Please delete this thread if this post was not meant to be here.
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