1. Main Text/Name: A simple type of Graffiti/tag text "415"
2. Sub Text/Quote: None
3. Size: 400 x 200
4. Style: [Optional] Gangsta Rap/Graffitii
5. Theme: Simple Image
6. Colour: Any, Just keep 'em Mixed Red and blue and Black.
7. Image/Render: Make it the way you think would be good(I think the Guy should be Cut out and Placed at the same Spot Agin, So that the Brushes and all stay behind him but do as you wish, another Background would be cool too)
8. Designer: Any One
9. Other Information: Just a Huge Thanks for the person that will make this signature and thanks to this forum

Here is the picture
[ ]
I'm sorry it's tinypic, i couldn't find it anywhere it's from a Music Video [ The game ft. Travis B. - Dope Boys]

~Thanks Agin