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    [Read Before Posting] Request Format & Rules

    Here are some easy and simple rules to follow when requesting a signature.

    Basic Rules
    • Signature requests will only be accepted if you have 100 valid posts or more.
    • Provide as much detail as possible, the more detail the better the result.
    • Please refrain from sending any designer a Personal Message.
    • Do Not bump your old topics, your thread will be closed if you are caught doing this.
    • Follow the format!

    Request Format
    1. Main Text/Name: The main text on the signature.
    2. Sub Text/Quote: [Optional] The text below the main text.
    3. Size: The size of the signature in pixels.
    4. Style: [Optional] The style of the signature, such as Grunge or Abstract.
    5. Theme: The theme that the signature has to follow, whether it be a game or an image.
    6. Colour: [Optional] The colour or colours that you want to be included.
    7. Image/Render: [Optional] The render that you want placed on the image, such as a soldier.
    8. Designer: [Optional] The designer that you want to create your signature. Requests with specific designers may take a lot longer than not specifying one, depending on their availability.
    9. Other Information: Anything else you think we should know.

    Why is the format required?
    The format is required to give those working on your request the ability to quickly scan through your request. No one wants to sit there and read a wall of text. The format makes everything easier. If you can't follow the format then your thread will be closed/deleted.

    Inappropriate Request

    Quote Originally Posted by Inappropriate Request
    Hey guys, you kick ass! Think you have time to make me a signature? That would be nice! See you later!
    Sure we want to make you one, but what should be in it?
    Make sure you give good information!

    Quote Originally Posted by Inappropriate Request
    I would like to have a signature with red, blue, green, pink, orange and yellow colours. In the signature I would like to see a battlefield from the First World War. In the left corner I would like a Splinter cell guy with his gun drawn, and looking at a polar bear on the right upper corner. The polar bear has to do a back flip while shooting the brains out of a duck. The duck has to be animated and flying around above the signature! One last thing, I would like all the text of the bible to scroll by! Thanks in advance!

    Could you finish this today?
    Please keep the requests sensible!

    Appropriate Request

    Quote Originally Posted by Appropriate Request
    Hey, I would like one of you to make me a signature.
    Name: "Sluttie"
    Quote: "Don't bother watching your back, you are too late..."
    Size: 330x110
    Style: Grunge
    Theme: Splinter Cell
    Colour: Red
    Render: Splinter Cell Soldier

    Thanks in advance!
    Easy to understand request, no problem.


    Also, if you want a specific Render or Image please link us to them, or make it easy to find like "Army Soldier". Basically if you have trouble finding the image you want, then so will we.
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