I have talked to NobleThread. He is the best Black Ops Zombie player in the world. He have got to round 99 which is the max on 4 maps. And at least 70 on all the other ones. He is just awesome.
He currently needs an intro for his youtube videos. I said i could but that I aint very good at it. Then i came up with the idea that some of you guys can make one. He is willing to pay 10$ minimum. This is not advertising or anything. You can say that i request it as i can send it to him. But i wont, i think the creator should have credit.

This is how he told me it should be:
A black background
Two different texts;
First: CoD Nazi Zombies
The transition should be like some kind of smoke/fog one. Some smoke or fog appears and then it disappears and the text have changed.
He said it would be nice with the black ops font that is called Bank Gothic.

Again, this is a quite big job but i thought that some of you guys would think it was cool to make an intro for the best zombie player. He gets quite a lot views. I don't know how many VFX'ers we have but i know we have Moto.