Hello guys, I was wondering whether you could make me a new sig?

Main Text/Name: The main text on the signature. : 企蛐g&凎ngψ
Sub Text/Quote: [Optional] The text below the main text. Swag
Size: The size of the signature in pixels. 450 x 150
Style: [Optional] The style of the signature, such as Grunge or Abstract.: Abstract Style
Theme: The theme that the signature has to follow, whether it be a game or an image: Gangsta
Colour: [Optional] The colour or colours that you want to be included.: Black and Red
Image/Render: [Optional] The render that you want placed on the image, such as a soldier.
How about this:

Other Information: Anything else you think we should know.
Um... make it however you like.... I do not really care... I will choose from the best...

K Thx Good Luck