I need a sick Gui made for a program I'll be releasing.

My requests are that there is a image that I'll be able to use as the background in the program.

It should be 500 *250

There should be a button made as a template .psd file for me to edit the text on the button.

Label templates are optional. Remember this is for a GUI so I prefer a simpler look rather then a multi coloured eye strain look. Also this will be used for various programs so it can;t be a specific theme.

Also if you could add something to the GUI back ground that or something that shows that the program is made by me. So whether my name is all over it or my avatar whatever works.

Your name will be included in the credits of all programs released with your GUI.

Thanks in advance!

BTW: It would be nice to have the psd file so I can modify it if needed for the programs needs.