My Vegas Pro 9 just won't render!

I made this promotion video the Minecraft server I play on, and I want to render it right?

Well here's the problem.
No matter to what format I render it, and no matter what template I use, it will always get stuck at 0%. I have let it rendered while I was away to school, about 6 hours of render time and it was still at 0%.
Also, the esteminated time left was 50 hours.

Now I read on the interwebs that this is because my project is corrupted.

Here's the thing though.
I have made ALOT of cuts and splits, and it was all very very time consuming as I had to do it exactly to the rythm of the music.
I dont to do this all again, so is there a way to pretty much import the project into a new one, so I don't have to do all the FX etc again, but I actually can RENDER my project?