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    Sig request.

    Main text/name:S.u.r.v.e.yant (together please into 1 word no periods) With this font please -V the EarthQuake MF font please
    put it in the bottom left corner, pretty big font, but not massive... like maybe 1/6th the height of the sig.

    sub text :The insurgents, with the Carbontype font please -V
    The link will still take you to the font idk y it did that.
    if you could put this somewhere on the upper right, the same size as the main text.

    Size: 500 w 300 h

    Style: see the link, psychedelic fractals + war + half-life 2 combine

    theme: darker, psychedelic, violent

    colour: darker, shades but including all colors

    image: find a cool combine image, throw in a fractal background, if u can make anything swirly/psychedelic related

    other information: throw filters over it for static, but keep the opacity high so it's a faint static-y look to it afterwards.
    Rep+thanks added to maker, please and thank you!
    Virus scan so u don't freak out about a link-V
    First link:
    Second link:
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