Hey! So, I've been using avatars I've been seeing around that I am very fond of. I want maybe my own avatar and matching signature. By matching I mean, same color, font, etc. Though, here's my request details:

Avatar Details:
Text: C (Yes, I just want it to say 'C' because Cronus-)

Color(s): Use ANY colors, but make sure to include THIS color (HTML code): #ac1616 - I'll leave it up to the experienced graphic designers to decide what colors look good with that type of a color, and what'd look good.

Anything else: Hmm.. Make it 150x150, if not shorter. I want it to fit and follow all MPGH guidelines, and POSSIBLY animated if it doesn't go over the size limit. Any animation is fine, possibly a shine that goes over/within the 'C'. Thanks to whoever does this and tries their best! I appreciate anyone's and everyone's work! You are greatly appreciated!

Signature Details:
Text: Cronus- (My username)

Color(s): Same as the avatar. I want it to some how "match" it. Think of it like fraternal twins - if that helps you out.

Anything else: Make it 500x100 as the MPGH guidelines are for signatures. Like the avatar, if it can be animated do it. I don't care if the avatar can't be animated, but if the signature can it'd be greatly appreciated. Do any type of animation that looks good, or is just sexy with the text. If no animation is possible, all is fine!

Once again, I wanna say thanks to whoever wants to take this request - you are greatly appreciated! Try your best