My gaming community needs a forum to increase population, before I open it I would like to make it look nice. So I would like a DayZ Banner for my forum. If you need dimensions, I don't have them, but if you want to look at the space possible, take a look at the current banner size https://bit(dot)ly/UHsXxx . I am willing to tip you if you happen to spend your time to do this.

It requires :
  • Color Scheme similar, or identical to the layout of the forum. But you if you think something looks good, go with it.
  • Must be related to the Arma II mod DayZ in some way. e.g. zombies, blood, post apocalyptia
  • Must include the name of the group, -TSR- or Tunnel Snakes Rule.

If you think something would be good with those requirements, then go ahead and add them.
Please and thank you!