I can see that this community lacks graphic designer in here, i'll be making signature and avatars for you guys if you request one. Most of my work is made for a botting site, came here to learn crack/hacks "Hopefully". If you want one post by this order.

Theme of the Graphic:
Theme of colour:
Any text added ?:
(If so) What position, preffered colour, size:
Any additional vector images you want to add (Post Links):
Any charactor you want to be added (Post Links):

Why some of the requested is not added ?
ANS: It's because it may not be possible to take the content out of the images or it has DPI issues.

Why you take so long to help me with mine ?
ANS: I do have other things to do like enjoy games, hanging out with friends and etc.

Every work i make and i deliver is the best i possible to make with, have not been using photoshop for 6months and above already but i believe i'm still able to provide quality work