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    Post TF2 Avatar

    Main Text/Name: Cool
    Sub Text/Quote: None
    Size: 100x100
    Style: Don't know about this...
    Theme: Cool looking/Smooth
    Colour: Background - Gray Text - Red
    Image/Render: (Scout from tf2)
    Designer: None
    Other Information: Below


    Could anyone make an avatar for me? I will use it as my steam pic too. (I will put your name in desc for thanks).

    Here is the pic:

    And I basically would like to have my avatar like this guys

    So if anyone could do this, It'd be appreciated, thanks


    Remove background from scout

    Cut half of the scout (or leave the body) and put it in a gray background

    Put in red letters: Cool

    Thanks to anyone who is going to be doing this
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