Just to let you guys know where i'm at atm. I'm not going to do anymore requests as of now for people i don't know. I am gonna settle in a bit here and join the community so to speak. Obama's was a one off, not because i was up his ass but because it was a style i wanted to try that i've never done before. So don't flame me about that. I will gladly crit and help people with their work and i currently in the process of making some photoshop technique tutorials (clipping mask, pen tool etc.)

These tutorials will teach you the skills to make good art and not just a single piece (thats the idea anyway).

I understand that this is not a dedicated GFX site and i am only going to accociate myself with people within this section and i really couldn't give a donkeys doodah about anyone else

I am very busy at the moment revising for a final college exam, and i know a lot of people have similar things going on.

Apparently some changes are going to happen to the GFX section and if that happens then i may get involved more.