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    Question [REQUEST] Could anyone make a logo for me?

    Hey guys.
    Well I'm going to start a YouTube-Channel with a m8 of me,
    but we have noo fucking idea on what to take as a logo.
    Well, the YouTube channel name is "StricherCF" (kinda funny if you're german,but dont wanna explain why we called it like this z)
    or initiales SCF and our ingame names are -. and -* . The game we wanna do videos about is Crossfire, but as already said we have no idea on
    what to take as the logo.
    The logo should be like this
    but of cause not the same, but like this, so pretty simple. And yes, I'm not talking about an intro cause this video is about intros, I want a logo.
    I would really appreciate it if some1 with a good idea would do that for me.
    (If possible, send me the .psd data of the logo (when you've done it with photoshop) to me)

    Dear regards, Raupi!
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