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    Signature Request - v1kash

    Hey guys,
    I've been going through many tutorials and honestly I keep failing.
    So i just decided that, whoever helps me make my signature get's +1 Rep & Thanks.

    Main Text/Name: v1kash
    Sub Text/Quote: [MPGH]
    Size: Quiet a decent size, so people can read it. Make v1kash bigger then [MPGH] though.
    Style: Whatever suits the render.
    Theme: Something like Obama's old Siggy, links at bottom of post.
    Colour: Whatever suits the render too.
    Planet Renders // Renders - Music Renders/Fabulous Just the picture of Fabulous, not the orange stuff.
    Other Information:
    I want it to be a LP, not a rectangle signature thanks.
    Make it somethime like Obama's signature:
    Or something like this one from b16hatch94:

    Good-luck! And all the best.
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