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    Lightbulb [request] template

    hello there artist!

    wy should you help me?:
    me and my community will be really thankfull to you!
    i have a minecraft server i could give you VIP on in return!
    if you consider helping me with the whole site i want to set up i would even make a donation to you!

    The Request!
    for administrational reasons i want to start up a basic site for me and my friends.i hope an artist like you could help me
    on making a template/site backgrounds.

    1. it should be a BrotherHood themed template should have space for 5 buttons/pages
    3.i would like it to be kidna taverny thing
    here is an example but im horrible! at photo shop! *attachment

    if you have any questions feel free to ask

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    tavern site.jpg  

    Bring a Ding Ding Baby!

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