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    Arrow Any GFX Designing Requests

    Hey again all Members, Mods, SMods and Admins

    As you all know me as a designer i decided to make this thread for any one who want a specific gfx design (Logos,Avatars,Signs and any GFX design)

    So Request what you need

    I can design animated GFX too (With a MUSIC .. What am saying that i can design anything you want

    P.S : I will decide if its free or not (Due to the requested design) Only Accepting PayPal

    But .. There's Rules :

    •1) Request with a good language (Don't say any bad word or talking to me like a dump) .

    •2) When u request a GFX design must be patient until i finish it

    •3) Don't post your request twice or i'm gonna ignore it . :031: .

    •4)[If you requesting a sign.] Choose your own picture that you want in the Sign. but if u couldn't i'll choose one for you but i don't know if you will like't :023: And Tell me what to write on the Sign.

    •5) U must Wait for Your Turn .

    •6) If U like Your new Signature Just rate the thread and Press Thanks That's all

    •7) There's NO 7 and I know that's a lot of rules but it's just to keep everything organized .

    Need Requests

    And Read the rules plz
    GFX Request Format & Rules

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