I have some requests for an avatar, signature and image title.

For the avatar I want something that looks cool. I really don't know what. Just simply something that looks cool and fits in with my gold nameplate/gold donor tag. Hacker-related - definitely.

Signature, I can be more specific about this. I want a signature that looks cool, and layered properly. I want it all to go together right. If need be add in your special touch. For it this is what I want: Text - "Malware Expert - Gray Hat" I want something hacker related too. I really don't know. But I want it to fit with the avatar and image title.

For the image title it's gotta fit with the others too (colors ya know)
I want it to be a gold background, and some sort of cool design. For the text I want it to look like the MPGH normal titles like this:
"Gray *STAR* Hat Hacker"

As you can see my imagination is absolute shit. But if you can make it happen reply back.

Thanks in advance.