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    [Request] An avatar/profile picture I could use for any website.

    I am mainly looking for a good Avatar for Steam, MPGH, Origin, YouTube etc.

    I would like the background to be either black or white and include the word 'TWIIXTOR' in it as this is my main nickname for everything, apart from MPGH since I made this account ages ago.

    I have been trying to make it myself using Photoshop CS6 but my current MPGH Avatar is as best as I could get it to look. I would like something similar to it, make it look professional. It would be nice to see some abstract going on in the background but not too colourful. My favourite colours are mainly as I said before, black, white, some light blue or some red. It would also be nice to see some white-red stuff going on to show that I am from Poland.

    There isn't much that could be done with it as it has to be under 200k in size as that is the max size for Steam and that's what I mainly want it for.

    Also I am going to attach some other stuff I tried in the past for the sake.
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    Twiixtor Logo.jpg  

    Twiixtor 3D Chrome.jpg  

    Twiixtor 3D Gold.jpg  

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