Main Text/Name: Games (The main text on the signature.)
Sub Text/Quote: Cheats & Hacks (The text below the main text.)
Size: 720x470 -1900x1030 (The size of the signature in pixels.) ;after I've receive the animation I will be recording it into a video form.
Style: Grunge, Fun, Colorful (The style of the signature and/or the entirety of the whole); such as Grunge, Abstract, Lucid, Flat, Tones, Fun, Colorful ect...
Theme: New style games, clean yet rugged, detailed but directional. (The theme that the signature has to follow, whether it be a game or an image.)
Color: [Optional green, purple, white] (The color or colors that you want to be included.)
Image/Render: [Optional blue master chief] (The render that you want placed on the image, such as a soldier.) ;people tend to recognize that I talk like caboose from rvb.
Designer: Any (The designer that you want to create your signature. Requests with specific designers may take a lot longer than not specifying one, depending on their availability.)