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    I just need some help here... Nothing big for a graphic designer i hope..

    So guys , i just want a lil bit of a help . First of all i'm a street magician - street performer. I recently tried to SE 2 great Bicycle decks . I told them some sh*t and that it's unprinted and the numbers and suits cant be seen well. They sent me an email asking for a photo of those 2 decks . As soon as i send them the photos , they will send me the 2 decks.

    1. I got 2 pics of the same decks i tried to SE
    2. I can't freaking fade them or make them look unprinted.. :/

    If you have time to help me out please add me on skype : chocogiorgakis

    NVM ,Close the threat please , I'm done with my job.
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