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    How would I create a gif render?

    So in the anime Tokyo Ghoul, there`s this scene I really enjoy and would love to make a sig out of it, but if possible I would like to make the render a gif. In the scene Touka is standing still for about 4 seconds,but her wings are moving around and it looks like fire. I know how to render her but i`m not sure how to go about rendering the movement of her wings for the 4 seconds so that when I open the render the wings still move. I`m not sure if i`m explaining well, but here`s the scene:

    If the img isn`t working here`s the link to it on Imgur:

    I want to make that a render but still have the wings moving so I guess it`d be a gif technically. I`m not asking for anyone to do it for me, just for general helpful tips on how to do it.
    Thanks ^.^
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