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    Graphics Designing Request

    I'm redoing all of my apps and im putting background interfaces in all of them. What my request is for somebody to make me a few different variations of MPGH themed graphics that i can put on my applications.

    The best part about this is that the way im doing the background interfaces is that i can change the interface globally for each program. So if i were to use a specific design for a program, i could change that design to be anything else i wanted it to be whenever i felt like it. Or i can simply load a ton of images onto the interface and randomly choose one to display each time the program is run. The images have no set size in pixels or in bytes, all images can be resized to fit my programs perfectly. Nothing too big or too small tho, resizing does get kinda sloppy after so much of it.

    I'm looking for more of a wicked style set of designs to advertise MPGH with. The sort of images that people will see them and simply think awesome. Of course they'll be thinking WTF when the program changes every time they run it.

    Please post here or add to your MSN or warpathsin666 to your XFire if you are able to help me out
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