Hi people,

i have a tool which can fake your guid to any guid you want, and i also know a way to find out the guids of the players that are on the server. so i was wondering if there was a way to get them banned/kicked.
what i'm saying is that if a player x with a guid "abcd"(32 digit ofc) is playing on the server, and i find his guid, spoof it and join the server with a hack that is DETECTED by punkbuster. then pb will ban my guid (which, at that time would be 'abcd'). so it will result in him getting kicked/banned.
so does anyone know how i'll get banned by pb without any admin online. i want to do something that will make pb ban me and get that other guy banned in the process

you can also use guid spoofing to spoof admin's guids and fool b3 into thinking that you're one of the admins too :p