OK, so I'm on patch 1.6, but nearly all of the people I want to play with are on 1.7 :l but when I was on 1.7 when I updated, their where hardly any servers...

Ok, so I want to go back to 1.7, but it wont let me, this is why I think;

I bought the game from a shop and when I installed it I was on 1.6 and wanted to go onto 1.7, so I downloaded the patch and updated, but then i realized, their where hardly any servers, and 90% of them where empty, I got pissed so I decided to downgrade and changed the necessary files and I went back to 1.6, but now I figured a way of having both 1.6 and 1.7 on the same computer, but I just need the necessary 1.7 files to upgrade, because when I try to upgrade It think's im on 1.7 and won't let me.

These are the files I need, if someone can copy and paste them and upload them onto a site, (you must be on 1.7)

1. version.inf
2. iw3mp.exe
3. iw_13.iwd (In the main folder)

If anyone can do this for me I'd be very happy thanks!