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    Injected correctly, not working?

    Hey guys, I've been having a problem ever since 2 nights ago. Ok, so I have injected hacks into games before. Project Blackout, OP7, Combat Arms, and they were all fairly easy. Well, I thought I'd give CoD4 a try. Turns out it was harder than I thought it would be. I'm just going to give an order of events that I do in order to get my hacks working.

    1. I open up PerX as an Administrator
    2. I select the correct .dll and the process target is set to "iw3mp.exe" (no quotes)
    3. I then proceed to opening CoD4 as an Admin as well (from both a shortcut or the main directory)
    4. I enter the game, only to find out that pressing my hotkeys do not make any menus appear.

    I have looked on the help page for similar problems, but none of the suggestions have worked. My CoD4 is fully patched, and I have PerX as well as the .dll from
    So, to wrap it up in a short, clean sentence: Although I have injected correctly, my menus and hotkeys are unresponsive and do not work. Any help or comments are appreciated.
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