if anyone use linux OS to run cod4 Server know that file to run dedicated server is cod4_lnxded
in windows we can find a edited iw3mp to run a dedicated server (with +set dedicated 2 +set... optional parametrs) , if you use orginal iw3mp when you run a server you got Keycod in use error or something like that
now my big problem is i cant find cod4_lnxded edited or may be cod4_lnxded-bin to run cod4 dedi server without getting KeyfuckingCod error
I would appreciate if anyone helm me in this case , where i can find this ?
i edite some line in this file and changed cod4master.activision.com to blablamaster.actfucklikedog.com but when i try to connect to server as client i got server connection time out...
too many try but epic fail , help plz