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    For some reason any time I have EVER tried to use an injection based hack it's never worked for the 6 years or so that I've been gaming and hacking and occasionally making hacks... Is there some simple little thing that stupid me is forgetting to do?
    I have tried just about every injector there is to no avail. I put iw3mp as the exe, I put my hack of choice as the Dll, I follow the hack's instructions of either injecting after game is launched or if its a self injecting hack, I launch the game, I've tried this on the start menu, in the matches, I've tried running as admin, everything I can think can anyone please help me? Thank you

    oh ive also tried running things in compatibility modes =/ also a lot of self-injecting hacks won't work for me, for some strange reason they just crash my game as it launches. The ONLY hack I have had work for me on this computer is the wallhack v2.0... I would seriously appreciate some advice
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