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    Recently I downloaded CoD4 to play it, I know my PC is not capable to support the graphics, but my PC can actually run it at 15-40fps when having all the graphic or texture settings to "off" or "low".

    My point is, I came here and downloaded a bunch of hacks, and the first night i started using the hacks, there was one that the hotkeys were on the number pad, and so the #2 on the numberpad turned on I think it was super low texture and graphics and a good FOV which I really liked. I did not have the command for it to show the fps on but I can guess it was running decently at 35-55fps. It was great, but the next day I tried looking for the hack that had it and I couldn't find it. Since I could not find it, I googled for "configs" to boost my fps, but none of them were as good that the hack had. And my question is Have any of you recently used a hack which had that feature? I am very desperate to find it because I want to be able to play CoD4 with a decent fps. If I had enough money I would gladly buy a new graphics card but the problem is... money doesn't like me right now... But yeah.. That was my question... I would greatly appreciate it if any of you guys found that out for me, and just in case, I did try re-downloading all the hack that I had (approximetly I had about 6 by that time) and none of them had it, not even the couple of hacks that had the hotkeys on the numberpad. D: please help

    Thanks I actually found the hack which activated that feature, it was R3Dx666 Public Hack. Credits to him for making such a great feature that can make my CoD run smooth on my crappy PC Oh and yes I have actually searched for the *.
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