I am using promod v2.17. I changed some settings in custom_public.gsc, extracted custom_public.gsc from the iwd, edited and then replaced back in the iwd. But when I play a match, it only shows that "the IWD is being changed" and no settings are being applied. I tried both /promod_mode custom_public and /promod_mode match_lan but none of my changed settings were loaded.

This is what I changed:
* Increased sniper class limit
* shotgun drop enabled
* Added M21

Later, I in pml217.iwd file that there is a folder named "weapons" and have the only weapons which are included by default in promod. Do I also have to add the weapon files too, in order to add a new weapon?

What is the real issue? if I am wrong, please let me know how to do it the right way?