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    Talking Looking for Cod4 Multiplayer version 1.7 saved game.

    I am looking for cod 4 version 1.7 saved game.The save game file is usually known as mpdata. I have seen other threads on mpgh about cod4 save games, but they were for version 1.3. I found no saved game for version 1.7.

    Can anyone attach a save game file for cod4, please????

    Also the people who have unlocked all items in cracked cod4(v1.7) mp, please attach their saved game located in cod4 direcotry or in (C:/Users/YourName/AppData/Loca/VirtualStore/Activion/Call Of duty 4: Modern warfare/players/mpdata)

    And also post the Cracked mp cd key that you are using. I need that key to use the save game.

    Dont worry, i am not gonna steal your keys. Its only a cracked one. I am just gonna use it to copy the mpdata in my saved game folder and then switch back to my old key.(Only experts may know why i need the key, its a long story)

    Please help me out!!
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