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    Exclamation IW_06.IWD>IW_11.IWD files needed

    OK, guys im struggling abit here, so i have downloaded the skullpturas rip a few months ago, got it working campaign etc. I am having one porblem though. I get an error saying something about impure client detected, i know what it means and what i have to do... here comes the part where I need your help...

    I need to replace, my IW_...IWD files with the origional ones (from 06 to 11). I would really appreciate a direct link to the download, not a torrent and not one that includes another rip of the game.

    I know i am asking alot, and you will be saying look for yourself, well to be honest i have but nearly all of them are torrents and include a whole rip etc. pages that have any useful informormation are all in russian. Thanks for reading, hopefully i can get ome help here.
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