wow, for a show about science, they sure don't use common sense.

They have this kung fu guy, who is half the size of any of the other people there, and they say kung fu is just flashy.

This show rly doesn't get the art of fighting.

1. Weight is gonna effect scientific results.

2. Real masters of a martial art are not gonna go on tv for this shit.

3.The human body:
The human body has the ability to grow, and each person is different. Not every person on that show will represent the martial art. and there are those who devote there life to master an art, to appear on such a show would only disgrace there art and lifestyle.

Kung Fu has my vote tho. Not necessarily the oldest, but it is more refined than any of the others.

One thing tho, not many of these people are very "bruce lee"-ish, some are "buff" but none look like any has the muscle of a true martial artist.

And they do so many corny camera views, its silly.