Now if any of you have seen the new trailer for it..........

This movie isn't conan the barbarian.

You see, Conan the barbarian is just as it sounds, a barbarian named conan.

Arnold Swartchaneggar played him in the original, and although not the best actor, he did a very good job.
This new one picks less muscular people as enemies and heroes apparently and instead of him being a barbarian, he's just your average hero from any other medieval movie.

And instead of him being a "barbarian" he's really going to be quite educated i suppose, since any movie in made now with timelines from the past can't have people act outside of what they would for any other action movie.

Why do they make these shitty remakes anyway? I'm tired of seeing this crap remade only to find out it doesn't even resemble the original, and therefore sucks dick.