oh hai thar so i make youtube videos and i'll be glad to feature anyone on my videos so all you need is :

- a greenscreen
- a camera
- a computer
- skype
in my case a greenscreen was vey simple to make for my youtube videos, i went to my local dollarstore and bought bright green large papers things/cardoards, i mounted a light behind me and a light in front of me (ceiling lamp) and filmed.

so if you want to make a video, any type of video together , set up your greenscreen my way or with any type of blanket that has a solid color, film yourself and send it to me via skype to ilya.belyaev3 and i'll be glad to put you in my next video

to find out how to make a good greenscreen refer yourself to this video:

to see my channel refer yourself to my signature

You guys are the best, hope to be able to work with you