With the new Biggie movie, Notorious, and sudden talk about him i thought i'd say some interesting facts about Christopher George Latore Wallace.

Growing up Big was an A student before his friend dragged him into hustling.

The song "Juicy"(and many others) was semi-freestyled, the other half he wrote in his head,remembered them and used that.(he died with 5 songs that he wrote in his head)

Big's first DJ was 50 Grand who was in his old neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Biggie founded a company called B.I.G. which stands for Books Instead of Guns, which helps fund underdeveloped schools.

Biggie's second album "Life After Death" is certified diamond. It is the first hardcore rap album to be certified diamond, and the first east coast rap album to become diamond.

He got the alias "Biggie Smalls" growing up from his peers.

Big went 2 highschool as rappers Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes in downtown BK.

meh theres alot more and its late and i wanna sleep. if theres any other facts i missed, go ahead lay em on me.